Commission History

The Midland County Road Commission was organized in the early 1930's.  Our purpose is to maintain the traveled portion of the roadway for safe travel.

The BOARD OF COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS, of the County of Midland, consists of three members:

Michael Atton, Chairman

Donald Terwillegar, Vice Chairman

Alan Kloha, Member

The BOARD OF COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners, serving a term of six years.

In 1995 the Midland County Road Commission moved its headquarters from the City of Midland to the Village of Sanford.  Sanford is more centrally located for the residents of the County of Midland.



    Midland County Certified Roads:

            109 miles of State Highways

            288.08 miles of Primary Roads

            583.91 miles of Local Roads

            77 Bridges (over 20' Length)


    The Road Commission is funded by:

                    Gas and Weight taxes

                    County Wide Millages

                    Township Contributions

    Special State and Federal Funds (when available)    







Need information? Call our office at (989) 687-9060

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