2019 Eastman Road Scrap Tire Project



Project Limits:

Mier Rd. to south of Schneider Ct.

Project Length:

1.60 Miles

Construction timeline:

April 2019 thru July 2019

Project Bid Amount:


DEQ Scrap Tire Grant Received:


Prime Contractor:

Malley Construction, Inc.

** Due to rain delays, the project completion date has been extended to the end of July 2019. **

Midland County Road Commission applied for and received a DEQ Scrap Tire Market Development Grant. The purpose of the grant is to develop new or increased uses for scrap tires. By doing so, negative public health and environmental concerns can be reduced or completely eliminated.

This project will use the equivalent of 111,760 passenger tires to create a widened road subbase and strengthen the asphalt road surface. These tires would have otherwise been sent to a landfill.

Key improvements provided by this project include:

  • Paved shoulder widening to provide for non-motorized traffic
  • Road and storm drainage improvements
  • Asphalt pavement overlay



 For everyone’s safety please follow these traffic tips:

  • Traffic is being maintained by temporary signals and is one way.
  • When exiting a business, be patient and wait for a vehicle to pass and go with the flow of traffic.
  • Keep speeds less than 45 mph.
  • Try to stay grouped with traffic ahead of you.
Location Map