2021 Poseyville Road Construction Project


Project Limits:

Gordonville Road to City of Midland

Project Length:

2.00 Miles

Construction timeline:

July 19, 2021 to October 22, 2021

Anticipated end of road restrictions:

September 24, 2021

Prime Contractor:

Crawford Contracting

Project Bid Amount:


Federal Urban Funds:


Federal HIPS Funds:


Midland County Cost:


Midland County Road Commission (MCRC) is undertaking a resurfacing project on Poseyville Road from Gordonville Road to the City of Midland. The roadway condition has deteriorated due to increased commercial and residential traffic as the area has continued to develop.

The Poseyville Road corridor is a highly utilized all-season route that serves critical infrastructure, commercial/agricultural industries, and residential populations.  These road segments were completely reconstructed in 2003 and since then have been maintained with multiple sealcoat (chip-seal) applications.  A portion of the Midland Township Trail was built in 2016 and runs adjacent to the roadway, during construction the trail will be closed to traffic south of Overloook Park.  Safety will be improved by widening road shoulders to a total of 6', this will include 4' paved and 2' gravel surfaces. There will be some relocation and enclosure of existing drainage in order to provide shallower slopes for vehicles that may depart from the travel lane. Lastly, the roadway will be milled and resurfaced with new asphalt providing a safer corridor for all users.

The project will be constructed in several stages with the goal of minimizing detours and impacts for citizens.  Construction will begin with Stage 1, Stewart to Nold Roads, this segment is first in order to ensure that construction in front of Bullock Creek Elementary is completed prior to the beginning of school.  Stages 2-3 are sequenced as to limit the area of full road closure and disruption.  Stage 4 will not require a detour as this segment is 4-lanes wide and construction activities can be done by restricting traffic to 1-lane in each direction.


Roadway improvements will consist of the following:

  • New asphalt road surface
  • Widening shoulders to 6 feet
  • Paved shoulders
  • Drainage improvements 
  • Slope flattening
  • Reducing fixed-objects
  • Increased room for non-motorized use

The project will be constructed in several stages with the goal of minimizing detours and impacts:

** Local traffic will be maintained during project construction - access points may change without notice **

Location Map