2017 Materials, Proposals and Quotes

Sealed Bids, Proposals and Quotes will be received until 9:00 A.M., Friday, March 3, 2017 by the Midland County Road Commission at their office located at 2334 North Meridian Road, Sanford, Michigan.

All bids were publicly opened on the morning of Friday, March 3, 2017, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Awards were made at the regular board meeting held Thursday, March 9, 2017.




2017 Materials and Services - Request for Bids

1.  HMA Paving

         a.  HMA 13A

         b.  Wedging, Partial Lane

         c.  Wedging, Full Lane

         d.  HMA 36A

         e.  HMA, Ultra Thin Medium Volume

         f.  Skip Patching, HMA 13A

         g.  Shoulders, Class II

         h.  HMA 13A, Parking Lot

         i.  HMA 36A, Parking Lot

             Item #1 Supporting Documents:

             2017 Proposed Paving Program Map

2.  Cold Patch Materials

3.  Blades & Grader Blades

4.  Mineral Well Brine

5.  Brush Spray

             Item #5 Supporting Documents:

             Proposed Brush Spray Map - NW Quarter

             Proposed Brush Spray Map - NE Quarter

6.  Culvert Pipe

             a.  Corrugated Dual Wall Plastic Pipe

             b.  Aluminized Type II Corrugated Metal Pipe

7.  Spray Patch Mix Emulsion

8.  Aggregates

             a.  22A 100% Crushed Limestone

             b.  23A 100% Crushed Limestone

             c.  22A Road Gravel

             d.  23A Road Gravel

             e.  21AA Crushed Concrete

             f.  21A Crushed Concrete

             g.  22A Crushed Concrete

             h.  23A Crushed Concrete

             i.  2NS Sand

             j.  Class II(A) Sand

             k.  Class III Sand

9.  Sealcoat Stone

10.  Rip Rap

11.  Pavement Marking

             Item #11 - ADDENDUM #1

 12.  Pulverization

13.  Cold In Place Recycling

14.  Aluminum Blanks and Complete Signs

15.  Steel Posts

16.  Guardrail Materials and Installation

             a.  Steel Beam Guardrail Materials and Installation

             b.  Nu-Guard-31 Roadside Barrier Materials and Installation

17.  Chip Seal Application

             Item #17 Supporting Documents:

             2017 Proposed Chip Seal/Sealcoat Map

18.  Penetrating Healer Sealer

             Item #18 Supporting Documents:

             Curtis Road over Tittabawassee River - Structure #6940 - P14

             West River Road over Black Creek - Structure #13965 - P44

             2017 Proposed Penetrating Healer Sealer Map

19.  Crack Treatment / Overband Crack Fill

20.  Concrete Surface Coating

             Item #20 Supporting Documents:

             Magruder Road over Pine River - Structure #6992 - L27

             4 3/4 Mile Road over Pine River - Structure #7004 - L41

             Curtis Road over Tittabawassee River - Structure #6940 - P14

             2017 Proposed Concrete Surface Coating Map

21.  Geosynthetic Paving Interlayer

22.  Cold Milling

23.  Micro Cold Milling HMA, 0-2"

24.  Geotextiles

25.  Soil Erosion

26.  Concrete Blocks

27.  Timber Decking Drawings Added 2/20/2017

28.  Concrete Precast Deck Panels

2017 Professional Services - Request for Proposals
Sealed Bids

Sealed Bids are taken annually on items that the Road Commission uses.  These items vary by year and bids are only welcomed once the invitation to bid is released publicly.

The right is reserved to reject any and all bids and any part of same, to waive irregularities in the bid procedure and to award, in the opinion of the Board, in the best interests of the Midland County Road Commission.

To place bid on an item listed within the Invitation to Bid - deliver your sealed bid to the Midland County Road Commission office prior to the bid closing date and time.  For Office location information click here.



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