FOIA - Freedom of Information Act


As a governmental agency, the Midland County Road Commission is required to comply with the Public Act 442 of 1976, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

If you are interested in obtaining documents that fall within the requirements of the FOIA, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request in writing to the Midland County Road Commission, 2334 North Meridian Road, Sanford, MI 48657, Attention: FOIA Coordinator.  (FOIA Request for Public Records Form)

Please be advised that upon receipt of a FOIA request, the Road Commission has five business days in which to respond (six business days if received via fax or email), in accordance with the Act, and the requesting party will be charged for research time and copies of any documents requested. If an extension of time is necessary in order to fulfill a FOIA request, the Road Commission will notify the requesting party in writing, at which time an additional ten business days will be permitted to the agency, in accordance with the Act.  For further questions, please email the MCRC at: FOIA Coordinator.

Approved minutes from the Board meetings may be obtained on the Meetings & Minutes page of our website. Minutes are available following the meeting at which they are approved by the Board of County Road Commissioners. If you would like to receive archived Minutes that are not available on our website, please submit a FOIA Request, as instructed above.


FOIA Procedures & Guidelines

Public Summary of FOIA Procedures & Guidelines

FOIA Request for Public Records Form

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