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6/30/2020 @ 7:00 am:

**8 Mile Road - Saginaw to Nielsen - Closed due to Culvert Failure/Roadway Damage

**Badour Road - Pine River to Ashby - Closed for Drainage Work - Earthmovers of Midland

**Curtis Road - Neiner Rd to Water Rd - Extensive Bridge and Road Damage - will be a lengthy closure

**Saginaw Road - M30 to 7 Mile - Extensive Road Damage - will be a lengthy closure

**Shaffer Road - Hicks to Sturgeon - Closed for Drainage Work - Isabella Corp.

**Dublin Road - Bombay to Mier - Asphalt Paving 

**Hurley Road - Eastman to Jefferson - Asphalt Paving

**Magruder Road - Waldo to Jefferson - Restricted to 1 lane

**Monroe Road - South of Nielsen - Restricted 

**Orr Road: Tittabawassee to Laporte - Restricted for Bridge Work

**Poseyville Road - Ashby to Ellsworth - Restricted to 1 lane in each direction

**West River Road - Gil Haven to Mier - Bridge Restriction (not weight restriction) - Restricted to 1 lane

**Ongoing Restriction: Saginaw Rd - 9 Mile Rd to 7 Mile Rd - Restricted to local traffic only

***Please DO NOT move barricades or attempt to use roadways or bridges that are closed.***

THANK YOU for your patience - we will continue to update all as restoration efforts continue.

Click here: List of current road closures and restrictions

   PRESS RELEASE: Status Following Flood Events


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Current Road Closures and Restrictions

 5 Year Bridge and Primary Road Construction Plan

Redstone Road bridge over Bush Creek - Progress Pictures

Title VI Non-Discrimination Plan



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